Do you want to be a technical writer?

Within recent decades, the global population using the internet and smart devices has risen from just 5.0%, to over 51% as of the beginning of 2017. Businesses have reacted to the sudden influx of tech users by altering their practices in order to better serve device-savvy customers. The boundaries of consumer tech devices, especially smartphones, continue to rapidly expand. The smart device is no longer a general communication tool, it is a powerful computer with abilities ranging from texting, internet access, advanced artificial intelligence, and external smart device integration.

Smartphones are getting cheaper to as low as $10 in Africa and Asia. Most of the world’s population will have a smartphone within this decade. That means, everyone will have the same access to all the information and capabilities available through the internet.

Adoption of smartphones and internet enabled devices will be on the rise over the years to come. Any traditional business offerings or new businesses can thrive and be successful, only if the customers could be able to avail the services or get information using the smart devices. Interfacing with customers through the smartphone apps will be the norm for any type of business in the coming years .

Eventually the high tech smart devices powered with the combination of internet, telecom and software, will rapidly redefine the function of traditional industries in the coming years. Pace of technological advancement towards serving the end customers will be to the level that the world had never seen before in the coming years. Each iteration of technology evolution will be extremely shortened and advance with next leap forward, even before consumers completely realize and adopt the then current state.

It is absolutely possible to experience disruption of the most traditional industries due to technology advancements in the next 2 to 3 decades. This will also bring drastic life style changes from the current status. Evolution of internet enabled smart phones have already brought lot of changes to everyone’s life. Most day to day activities have already been performed either directly or indirectly using the smartphone, or a communication enabled smart device.

As more and more world’s population get uninterruptedly connected 24/7 via internet, advancement in artificial intelligence, and the smart integration of software with hardware devices controlled via internet will transform every industry, and the way customers are served.

With the rapid advancement in technology with the combination of software, internet, automation and hardware, we should expect to experience many of the following during our life span.

  • Artificial intelligence powered computers will gain intelligence exponentially in the coming years and replace humans in almost all the industries to perform regular activities
  • Adoption of Amazon GO type no line, no check out shopping model in almost everywhere in retail and beyond
  • Driverless cars taking you from origination to destination without human intervention. In the next few decades, it’ll be common to be transported in self-driving vehicles that can come to your driveway on-demand as needed.
  • Digital wallet to store all your official digitalized documents
  • Medical devices that works with your phone, to take retina scan, blood sample, etc.
  • Artificial intelligence enabled smart devices at home and work
  • Adopting internet of currencies (cryptocurrencies) for regular financial transactions
  • Smartphone will be the interface to access your car, home, work, etc. with digitized key

Although there has been a paradigm shift in terms of the way consumers avail the technology to access services using smart phones/devices, learning to use these technology advancement is mostly driven by the knowledge shared by other users. Sharing of knowledge happens through multiple channels including, but not limited to, social media, blogging, discussion forums, technology portals.

Also, users of many technology devices and services want to happily share the benefits, tips and tricks of the ways they could have used the technology. It could be merely sharing the knowledge of performing day-to-day activities, or smarter ways of using technology devices to effortlessly manage complex tasks.

Why would you want to write in

Cleartalking provides a platform for anyone from anywhere in the world to share their experience, or explore more on the internet enabled consumer technology devices, by utilizing our interactive telecom forums, telecom blog and the Q&A section.

By sharing your unique experience or situation related to a technology communication device or service, there is always a chance that someone else living somewhere in the world will definitely be benefitted with the information.

If you consistently write about technology, that also specifically about telecom related, will help you evolve as professional technical writer specialized in this area. As a technical writer, you can build your online reputation with Cleartalking that will clearly depict your writing skills and experience.

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Here are the reasons how technical writing skills can benefit you professionally or personally:

  • Writing about your experience and sharing your knowledge about a smart device or service provider is a great way to help, educate, inspire, and bring like-minded people together. Also, as a consumer, sharing your experience using technology devices will help driving innovation further for improvement.
  • Your content published in can be read by anyone in the world and eventually will help to build your credibility as an expert in technology writing.
  • It could be that your continuous writing about the technology devices can be noticed by employees who would want to engage technical writers for their purpose.
  • Advancement in technology and the evolution of new smart devices with enhanced capabilities is growing at an astronomical pace. This will also increase the demand for technology writers to write the user manuals, reviews about the next technology devices. Building credibility with technology writing will improve your chances to pursue the new opportunities in this area to develop a career.
  • As you write regularly on particular topics related to technology consumer devices, it will help you expand your knowledge and connect with other experts in the same area.
  • Over time, as you write more and share more of your expertise by providing relevant answers to other’s questions in, it will turn into a powerful demonstration of your knowledge on a particular subject. When the users read your posts, and realize the insights you’ve shared on a subject, will clearly demonstrate your expertise in the specific technology topic.
  • Being an expert, you might be considered for careers like freelance technical writing, or consulting opportunities.

How do you build credibility as technical writer?

  • The only way to become a better writer is to write more and more, on a regular basis.
  • If you write more, you will become better at it. When you write on a regular basis, you can constantly analyze and improve the approach with technical writing.
  • You may even ask your friends to comment on your writing as feedback, which will give different perception on the topic.
  • Posting information that are reliable, current, relate to topic, and informative will create interest for the web site users to read your content, and consider you as a reliable source and subject matter expert.

If you want to build FAQs specifically for a smartphone app, smart device or telecom service, you can send the request using our feedback form. Your choice of interest will be added in our Q&A platform as a category for you to write about.



57 Responses to Do you want to be a technical writer?

  1. Serenades33 says:

    Part of me loves how fast technology is growing but I’m also part of the generation that grew up without a smartphone, facebook, Twitter etc. and I miss the days where your life wasn’t on blast 24/7. Today there’s restaurants where you order and pay via robot. People’s patience has grown small due to everything being readily available at your fingertips. I just worry about the older generation. Will they be able to learn the things they need to know if say, money loses its value and bitcoin takes over? I guess the unknown reaches of where technology can take us is a little scary.

  2. Jacob Max says:

    Technology is the future. I can remember when you would take a lunch break and use the company phone to call home. I would also call home after I clocked out to let family know when I would be home. Today, I can send a text in a matter of seconds. I don’t even have to turn on my phone. I simply say, “Ok Google, Send text to …., I am on my way home”. Technology is a growing at an exponential rate. I have seen these major changes just in the last 10 years. I can not even begin to predict the next 10 years. We must all learn and adapt to these changes so that we are not left in the dust of advancement.

  3. I grew up with technology before the Internet. Shows like Halt and Catch Fire really peaked my interest. Many computing inventions are certainly owed to necessity. Lesser known are the creative contributions in modern digital technology. The PC was born in a garage. SpaceShipOne was inspired by a contest. Now, virtual reality is being ushered in by mobile gaming. Certainly things like driverless cars are a product of leisure. However, the industry advantages of delivery drones are a complex problem that benefits from gaming psychology. Consider ATC in the NYC metropolis, as well as, the NEXTGEN Air Transportation System. What both of these have in common are the dynamic and logarithmic movement of blips across a screen. UPS’ “We Love Logistics” commercial beings with a heart of service vehicles on an airport tarmac.

  4. sure the world today is completely different of years before and everything used to to depends in smartphones and technology I am agree with you

  5. Michelle r says:

    We as a society are always evolving in technology. It just seems that we are evolving at a faster pace today vs 20 years ago. I imagine this will only continue as time marches on. Amazing to think that 25 years ago we did not check Facebook or twitter every day. Hard to remember what we did with our free time.

    • Jacob Max says:

      Eloquently spoken Michelle. The growth of technology is exponential. We are on the cusp of automated cars. They are out there, but not cheap enough yet for the general consumer. I remember when you had to roll up the windows in the car and now I can simply click a button on the key and crank the car from the warmth of my house.

    • Serenades33 says:

      Exactly! And it’s a little scary to me to think that we will advance past what I’m capable to understand. My grandma can’t use smartphones. What if we advance but I can’t keep up?

  6. bunnywabbit says:

    This growth in technology is absolutely astonishing. As someone born in the 1990s, I was a teenager when smartphone technology was born. It’s been amazing to see that now I can bank, connect the Internet, send text messages, and work all from the palm of my hand. I am also awed when I hear about children as young as 3 knowing how to use smartphones and tablets to watch videos and play games. Anyone who does not jump on the smartphone bandwagon is foolish, as the technology will keep advancing even further as the article says and technophobes will be left in the dust. I currently work doing IT business solutions, and every day we consult and help with more and more advanced software that most people could only dream of in the past.

  7. keyyong says:

    I have noticed this huge shift in technology use in the past couple of years. Some examples are in the fast food industry, financial arena, and in the public school systems. Starbucks was one of the first businesses to get their customers to keep coming back to them. How? They achieved this goal by creating an app where customers can earn free drinks and gain additional perks by registering their Starbucks gift card and constantly adding money to the card and in turn spending the money at their establishment. Dunkin Donuts jumped on this concept and so has Chik-fil-a. Other fast-food chains have apps where you can order your food ahead of time and skip standing in line.

    Since I was 18-years-old and I established myself as an adult, I opened up a checking account with a bank that had and continues to have no actual physical building banks to do business. Back then in the early days of my banking experience, I would have to sign my paychecks and pray that the envelope that I put it in arrives at the main headquarters of my bank so my checking account would receive my deposit. Fast forward two decades later and now I have an app on my smartphone that allows me to deposit checks into my checking account literally at the snap of my finger. I’ve discovered PayPal and the ease of transferring money to friends and family who don’t bank with my same financial institution.

    Finally, the public school system has discovered a way to save on killing trees and on the time someone would have to copy trillions of flyers for that week’s handout to go home. Every big public school system has an app for their school district where news, information, portals for grades and lunch account balances, and specific school websites can be instantly shared with the parents, teachers, and students.

  8. jwilson6 says:

    Very interesting article. I don’t know much about smart phones or the stats behind them but its crazy to think how fast people using the internet has grown. And its just going to increase as time goes on and technology advances. It’s only $10 for a smartphone in some parts of Asia and Africa. That’s crazy and to think about all the people in the near future with access to internet is truly exciting. Everyone should be able to learn and browse the web.

    Another interesting thing to think about is where artificial intelligence will be in the next 10-15 years. With the rapid advancement of technology we are going to see a large shift from human workers to machines. It’s very interesting but scary to think about.

  9. PandaSammiches says:

    There are a lot of truths and evidence in this article that I was super interested to be reading. It is crazy to me to see how we have advanced as a world by watching the invention of cell phones in the 90s to how they are now where almost anyone and everyone has a cell phone, no wait, a smart phone. The things that technology has accomplished is quite astounding, and becoming a technical writer really doesn’t sound half bad to me. I am interested in pursuing a writing career anyways so this seems like something that I am going to look into further! Thanks for the article!

  10. chuckekere says:

    I actually find some delight in the rapid advancement of technology. While it is changing at a fast pace that’s considered fast to some, in the end its aimed at making tasks and life easier. The Internet has made it easier for existing companies to market their business, and for new companies to take form, back in 1998. This is simply a case of history repeating itself. Laptops have given us the capability of using a full-fledged personal computer in a portable form since 2003, as previously only desktops existed. Social networks have made it easier to make new friends, or stay in contact with loved ones while say you are an OTR trucker. Which brings me to the next: newer trucks have Qualcomm, in order to better stay in contact with the Driver Manager, and electronic logs make it easier to record your miles and loads without making errors that could land you in hot water with the DOT. Smartphones have most of the functions of a computer, but in something that can fit your pocket.

  11. Ali Bell says:

    Our world is advancing in technology at a rapid pace. As the article speaks about, these times are vital for businesses to stay up to date and not get left behind. I work doing advertising and managing social media outlets for our local business, and it is absolutely crucial to be available and interactive on the same platforms as customers. As things are becoming more technically advanced, and new technology becomes popular, it is vital to stay with the game! Not doing so could mean a huge loss of business. I have some great ideas, and I believe that writing would be the perfect avenue for me to share topics that I am passionate with about others.

  12. LaurX1210 says:

    Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to write stories. I wanted to be like the people in the books that I would read and travel around and see the world and be able to write down every little thing I saw. I never really thought about it much in middle school when all of my friends began showing up to school with cell phones and laptop computers were in every classroom, but written word will become extinct if now for the technical writer. Technology has taken over the world, and it’s only going to continue to expand into whatever else it hasn’t gotten its hands on yet. I still write from time to time, but since I’ve had kids it’s, unfortunately, been put on the back burner for a long time. After reading this though, it makes me want to write right now.

  13. andrepao says:

    Back when I was in school and technological devices like the ones we have today didn’t exist, everyone had to go out of their homes to buy textbooks, work with friends on whatever projects they might have, and eat their meals. However, technology today makes us numb to the struggles of the previous generations. Now, we can get our textbooks online, collaborate on projects on platforms such as Google Docs, and order food through the various online delivery sites. Technology is evolving at a very fast rate, and people in the older generations need to catch up fast before we get lost in its wake.

    • Ali Bell says:

      It is easy to be “left behind”. It is a real concern for older generations. Free community class offering would be a great benefit to them.

    • keyyong says:

      School and textbooks! You reminded me of the times when I was in middle and high school where we have issued our textbooks for the year and threatened to pay for the book if it was damaged in any way. I remember using brown grocery bags to cover those books. Now, times have changed! Many teachers don’t use textbooks and have them placed in the book closet that ends up getting boxed up and taken to the mortuary where they will never be seen again. Many colleges still require buying books for their specific courses, but with websites and apps like Blackboard, much of the information that needs to be disseminated is placed over the Internet waves.

  14. samfleck says:

    It’s truly crazy how technology shapes the world around us. I’ve never truly given much thought to being a technical writer before but this article has grabbed my attention and am now very interested in the field. I believe that cleartalking can provide ones self with the pathways necessary to gain experience and clarity in the field of technical writing.

    • LaurX1210 says:

      I agree with you 100%. Technology is always advancing and evolving and therefore changing us and the world around us on a daily basis. Websites like this are crucial if we want to remember what written word was like.

  15. ladyconsumer says:

    The world, today, is vastly different from the one just a few short years ago. Technology has grown so quickly it can make you dizzy. Keeping up with it all can be difficult. But doing so, keeps us so far ahead of the game. Writing about technology and putting all of the knowledge to real tests keeps us informed, and helps others get educated as well. Such a great wealth of knowledge in this article to help people get started in this worthwhile endeavor.

    • bunnywabbit says:

      I agree! Technical writing would benefit many groups of people, from the elderly who often do not know the first thing about technology, to young professionals looking to jump into a lucrative career, as technical writing will only be needed more and more.

  16. pdmanohari says:

    Technology changes the world.This article conveys clearly the impact of technology in our daytoday life.So we face so many problems when dealing with technology.Cleartalking contributes a major role for finding answers and help people in their technology matters.It promotes Telecom related questions and answers from all over the world.Cleartalking helps me as a technical writer and improve my thinking and knowledge as well.

  17. wateryviolet says:

    It’s crazy how much technology has taken over everyone’s lives. I remember being younger and barely knowing how to use the internet, and growing up thinking 3rd world countries wouldn’t be able to have access to this type of thing. But like the article mentioned, every year is a quicker and more intense advancement. Even the thought of artificial intelligence seems to be a difficult concept to grasp for some.

    Now with what’s possible on the internet, I find it an amazing thing to be able to share information in forums and build blogs of my own. The internet has made it possible for people to search for information, as well as share their own facts, thoughts and ideas through technical writing, whether it be the reading or writing itself. People from across the globe can now connect (in real time!) through words and virtual communication. Amazing to say the least.

    • ladyconsumer says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Just a few short years ago, lives were completely different from what they are today. Just imagine where it will be just a few short years from now. Those who keep up with the trends will be so far ahead of the game.

  18. derkwinchester says:

    I would like to delve deeper into this line of work, I am keen to be able to work and travel at the same time.
    That would be fantastic, imagine being able to work remotely by the beach and sip a cocktail while you do it. Technical writing is becoming more popular due to the fact that phones are internet connection are more readily available across the world. If anybody would like to connect with me on here, let me know and would be great to talk with you. I do believe we can all learn from each other/ #cleartalking

  19. laga12 says:

    Technology for all its flaws has equal benefits – Since mankind first learn to make tools has there been an ever quenchless urge to make things easier for him or herself.Technology has meant the rise of the West above the East, has given birth to weapons that could obliterate us all in a flash. But also the ability to have more power and almost limitless control over machinery around us that can perform almost limitless tasks. The fact that the everyday layman can communicate massive distances linking the world together more so than anytime in our history growing exponentially such that its thrilling to see what we may be able to see in our own lifetimes – the new dawn of a technological revolution enabling us to perform magical feats at will without a second thought and then what? More exponential growth until we become Gods unto ourselves, all our problems solved and enduring into Utopian, spiritual bliss in this amazing and ever expanding universe.

  20. Interesting read, it’s not something most people think about very often but, as the smart phone user base exponentially rises, the necessity for technical writing grows with it. The increase in computing power inevitably increases complexity, and For someone that doesn’t have a great deal of experience with technology the learning curve can be steep. It’s important to help educate people so that they can take full advantage of ever increasing technological development. It’s something most of use just take for granted.

    • wateryviolet says:

      I definitely agree. I remember helping people I am close to with figuring out how to get a grasp on technology through the years. As the generations grow and develop, it will be interesting to see how we adapt and progress with technology. Also, you couldn’t be more right on how much many of us take this technology for granted.

  21. TerraSerah says:

    Becoming a technical writer for any site, especially one as communications-oriented as this one, requires significant ability with words as well as dedication to the idea of spreading technology around the globe, one step at a time. It’s definitely something I personally would be interested in doing if I were granted the opportunity.

    The article above makes some good points- the costs of technology go down for older devices and thereby increase access, and the devices available are still quite advanced.

  22. Hope says:

    We are living in amazing times. I believe there is a Chinese saying that states, “May you live in interesting times.”, in opposed to good times since interesting times might be viewed as better than the good. The creator of that saying might consider us blessed, because our times are beyond interesting, they are amazing. The technology evolution has opened up a plethora of ways for people to function better than before. Parents can work from home with increasing efficiency, allowing them to care for their children as well as aged and sick family better. People can learn from home thereby reducing the cost connected to learning like transportation costs, clothing costs, lunch costs. Imaginative people are constantly discovering new ways to utilize technology in everyday life beyond entertainment, thereby increasing the value of money spent on technology.

  23. Gregor Samsa says:

    Very informative article. It is very much true about what is detailed: there is a growing demand for technology reviews based on experience as more and more devices and models are released every year. Advances in AI and such technologies as automated vehicles, personalized smart devices, cryptocurrencies, are rapidly driving industries and markets in the world. Social media and understanding trends online is a very important tool in trying to capitalize on new technologies. Thank you for posting this.

  24. Alex Smith says:

    It’s crazy about the tech revolution. It seems like everyone today has access to some sort of technology and at an increasingly cheaper rate. I’m interest to see what it turns out to look like in the future once everyone has access. I tend to be optimistic but i sure hope it doesnt turn into one of those crazy big brother sci-fi movies that you see on TV.

  25. KBecker says:

    This article did a fantastic job of explaining the evolution of business plans in today’s quickly accelerating, technologically inclined world. With the accessibility of the Internet through more affordable devices, more people can be exposed to new information and new business practices. As more businesses become open to less traditional methods like cryptocurrency, checkout line-free retail stores, and digital documents, customers will become more independent. This is great for people who have difficulty getting out, not only due to their own busy schedules, but due to limited mobility. Business are opening up hundreds of new doors that will quickly become the norm in the next ten years.

    • Hope says:

      Shut-ins used to be shut off from the world. Now they can socialize with friends and family, shop, pay bills, etc. I agree, people with limitations have it a little better now.

      • TerraSerah says:

        I suffer from moderate agoraphobia and the technical revolution means that I don’t necessarily have to face a potential panic attack just to stock up on necessities.

        It’s actually a wonderful feeling.

  26. davidjones says:

    The world we live in today is completely different from what it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Advancements in technology have both improved and disrupted our lives. Take, for instance, how artificial intelligence has transformed the way we communicate and get things done.We also can’t overlook how machines are replacing jobs we as humans have been operating for decades.Also mobile devices has been improving in a significant way and we can say the world is in our grasp in a single device .There is nothing we cannot do with this single device

  27. ToSixGG says:

    “The smart device is no longer a general communication tool, it is a powerful computer with abilities ranging from texting, internet access, advanced artificial intelligence, and external smart device integration.” – very very true!
    The evolution of smart phones is just beginning, and within the next few years smart phones can become the unimaginable. As mentioned in the article, the ability to take medical scans, blood sample, retina scans, using a phone is the TRUE meaning of EVOLUTION! I can’t wait to see where our future will be headed.

  28. ermauro says:

    Technology is crucial for our society in the 21st century. Its fast pace evolution has brought such great products in the market. If it continues evolving at this rate we are going to see such great advances in every sector. As the article suggested Artificial intelligence is a big one. If done ethically right we can have mainstream electrical vehicles and automation across every sector. Moreover, smart devices turned into intelligent medical tools that can help us live a healthier life.

    • ToSixGG says:

      I agree! For smart phones to be turned into intelligent medical tools can be so much more efficient in terms of healthcare, making a healthier and easier life.

      • derkwinchester says:

        imagine if we could create proper health apps one day that could diagnose health conditions and send alerts to the hospital. People say phones are sending us backwards but anything in life will if we use it the wrong way.

    • KBecker says:

      I absolutely agree! The implementation of technology that can help us monitor our health is such a huge leap forward. We’ll no longer have to resort to outdated “health binders” or writing down our prescriptions in notebooks. It’ll all be at the tips of our fingers.

    • Gregor Samsa says:

      Definitely agreed. Technology can only help us move forward and live better in this world. We can help speed up the process by understanding how each new technology can help others through analysis and trying them out.

  29. chazpope says:

    Technology is what it is and the demand for fast better communication is only echoed by the entertainment industry seeking improvement in music and virtual reality with more people choosing to spend their life online and connected at work, with SEO and google providing more and more a role in most peoples work and home lives.

  30. Usama Shaykh says:

    Innovation is developing at a speedier rate that many people are changing to web. Cleartalking encourages me fundamentally as a specialized author since it grows my reasoning and my insight too. One can take in a considerable measure from Cleartalking as it is about innovation and it gives a stage through which individuals share. As a specialized author I pick up involvement since I learn new written work abilities every day and I get the chance to cooperate with different scholars from other countries.Cleartalking is utilized by numerous clients from various parts of the globe to impart their experience to the telecom or new items. One can approach or get cleared up for different inquiries.

  31. Nazish Azam says:

    In this modern era, the worldwide population is utilizing web and keen on gadgets to get in
    touch with different people and also to get more information and knowledge. Innovation and technology is developing at a quicker rate and the vast majority of people are shifting to internet and online services.
    Cleartalking is such platform which encourages me altogether as a specialized essayist or technical writer since it extends my reasoning and my insight also. Cleartalking promotes Telecom related questions and answers from all over the world.There are multiple authors from various parts of the world who contribute in this plan. It is a fact that “the best way to be great in writing is by writing dependably”.
    Posting such content that are exact, updated, significant, and enlightening will in the end get the consideration of the users.

  32. LaurenBrax says:

    The importance of Technology in our society can’t be overemphasized every sector of the economy has been disrupted with technology from the way we hail taxi to disruption in our financial economy. I’m just so happy to be in this generation.

    Myself as a UI/UX and web developer I would like to use my writing skills to help new developer and tech enthusiast with the latest trends in tech.

    • ermauro says:

      I totally agree with you. This disruption is a good thing. Technology has helped us to be more efficient and effective in our lives. Its an exciting era to be in especially for us software developers.

      • laga12 says:

        Yes I agree too but you know it has its downside and is concerning in some areas. The further we get away from nature the worse we are off, I believe. That’s what the indigenous cultures have over the west – they are closer to spirit and to nature. In the west we go to church for an hour a week. Our minds have become rational – our intuition has become less – we need to find a balance and be in tune without becoming less human and more like machines ourselves.

  33. bhaskar says:

    In the era of information technology, Cleartalking is emerging as the panacea with respect to the technical information you need to be regarded as “updated”. Cleartalking is used by many users from different parts of the globe to share their experience with the telecom or new products. One can ask or get clarified for various queries. I am benifited a lot by writing as a technical writer. I get many information related to new technologies, smartphones, apps, etc. which eventually help me in growing in this world of competition.

  34. morgansheri says:

    with the drastic increase in technology( smart phone, apps, service providing and internet utility) the mode of doing business and running industries has greatly moved from manual to digital. Now every company wants to be represented on the internet search engine; this is not out of place because it makes them more accessible by their customers. But one of the things any company need to be represented on the internet is a great content which can only be provided by an expert writer. cleartaking has developed a lot of great writers in which I am a beneficiary; as rightly pointed out “the only way to be good in writing is by writing always”. cleartaking provides you the opportunity to be a better writer and express your expertise by writing on that technology (especially on smart phones, apps and network) and providing help by answering other people’s questions.

  35. BrianNyandoro says:

    Technology is growing at a faster rate and most people are switching to internet. Cleartalking helps me significantly as a technical writer since it expands my thinking and my knowledge as well. One is able to learn a lot from Cleartalking as it is all about technology and it provides a platform through which people share. As a technical writer I gain experience since I learn new writing skills each day and I get to interact with other writers from other countries. Cleartalking enables the world get knowledge related to Telecom as it provides question and answer. There are writers from different parts of the world who post and answer questions daily thus it keeps us posted each day.

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